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Rally call for new adult players

posted 7 Sep 2013, 23:27 by John Blount
Calling all football players who loves the game and want to play for a good club, please come to Lambourn Sports Club, pay your cheap membership and just play the game you all supposed to love. It don't seen right all you local Lambourn boys who have been in the village most of your lives want to play somewhere else and leave the club, looking like with no team to play in the North Berks Div 1 this season. I am passionate about the club and football as like a few more people are, and really want to get Lambourn Sports back up where they should be, but need a few good people who are up for a challenge to help me give support to the team. There is some really good young lads who just need a few good old heads to direct them in the right direction, but without them we are going to struggle in Div 1. I am going to have a training session at the Club on Tuesday 6.30 and hopefully try and get a team together to face Shrivenham in the Cup at Lambourn next Saturday. If we can't get a team for that, then I'm afraid the Football team which as produced so many good players over the years will come to an end and fold. So all you so called Lambourn local football boys, if you care so much about your Village club and team, you should have a think, get off your arse and come and wear the Lambourn Jersey with pride, instead of chasing little £5 here and there to play for other villages when you should be helping your own. What more do you want, you got a great pitch and Club House that matches anywhere. Anyway, I have had my say what I think of it all, I've worked hard to try and get a team at Lambourn, so its up to all you true committed players to hopefully turn up at training next Tuesday to see where we go.

Steve Harris. Adult football manager